About Us

Need For Stream was created by gamers and streamers who wanted a better more cost effective way to get the essentials for anyone wanting to live stream. Having gone through the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of what you need to stream and what to pay for it is something we wanted to simplify. We procure some popular name brand products from distributors all over the world and find the best quality products that can be bought for less with the same high quality. We slowly have developed our own products called NFS or Need For Stream branded products which we offer at competitive prices. Look for articles and reviews, discounts and new arrivals on all of our social media and blogs. Let us know if you want something you don't see in the store and we can try to see what we can do to bring it to our store. We hope you will find Need For Stream a resource for all of your streaming needs. If you are interested in working with us please click the Affiliate program link at the bottom of this page.

-NFS Team