Affiliate Program

Monthly Rewards and a *Custom PC for the top referrer!

What's in it for me?

There are so many affiliate marketing programs that offer you commissions for referring customers to their site. The difference in Need for streams program is that it rewards its affiliates with gear straight from the store monthly based on the number of referrals you send to Here is how it works: you use your unique link to have your community shop and buy from need for stream and you get paid a % of the sale. Each month the top referrer in addition to making revenue will receive that months *item from the shop! At the end of 2020 the affiliate with the most referrals will receive a *custom built PC for their efforts.

Will this help me grow an audience?

Yes! Offering a value to your viewers in the way of discounts for the very items they use to stream themselves and play games with will make you a desirable place to hang out. In addition to the monthly prizes you will be able to purchase items from the shop at a considerable discount as an affiliate. We also will be giving affiliates items to test out and review and feature their content for even more exposure.

How it works

And finally Need for Stream will grow it’s own base of customers on social media and we will have the power to promote affiliates. How do we do this? Simple, we pay to advertise our site and drive customers to it to generate sales. We encourage them to follow us on social media where affiliates can find new viewers to potentially grow their community. Most importantly we want to promote Top Streamers! This is a unique feature that takes the most active streamers in the program and embeds their stream on our website in essence inviting them to check out your stream. When a new viewer shows up they will most likely ask you about and most definitely ask you for any discount codes you may have for them. 

*Custom PC requires at least 50 converted referrals to qualify 

*Monthly item requires a minimum of 3 converted referrals to qualify

Converted sales are defined in your affiliate agreement found here 

You can use this link to apply to become an affiliate. If you have any questions please reach out to Smarmytank directly

And finally Need For Stream is open to suggestions about what they have and sell in the store located at  if you want a certain type of a product let us know, email We hope you will be prosperous as an affiliate and good luck!

-Need For Stream